Emergency Welfare Campaign

Warning: there are some images of the dogs’ conditions on our Appeal page that some supporters may find distressing. We have not taken the decision to share these lightly, but do so in order to illustrate their very real plight. Please do not scroll through the images if you feel these will upset you.

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It was reported in mid February 2017 that a large number of greyhounds had been removed from the premises of a licenced Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) trainer, Malcolm Taylor, in the North East of England. It is alleged that dogs were living in appalling conditions and in very poor health when the GBGB seized 58 dogs from Mr Taylor’s kennels but left 3 dogs behind to remain in his care. It is reported that the GBGB have placed the 58 dogs with other trainers and owners, and not with rescue organisations.

However, rescue groups in the North East of England have said that, unknown to the GBGB, Mr Taylor had another 21 dogs hidden away, of which the rescue groups managed to negotiate the safe release last week. Rescue organisations have stepped up to provide the care these additional dogs need and Forever Hounds Trust will be taking some of these dogs via Lancky Dogs, another rescue charity, in due course.

These dogs will all need veterinary treatment before they can be found a home. We have seen some photographs of the dogs and it is clear that some will require considerable treatment to heal their injuries. If you would like to help, please donate here towards the cost of treating and kennelling the dogs. We will be sharing this money with Lancky Dogs, a rescue organisation in the North of England that has taken in five of the dogs released from Mr Taylor’s care and is readying them for their onward journey to Forever Hounds Trust.

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