Items needed

We would be very grateful to receive items from our ‘wish list’, which will help us carry out valuable work to rescue and support greyhounds and lurchers.

If you think you can help, simply send us an email saying what type of item or help you are able to offer. Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate contact, who will be in touch with you as soon as they can.

It woud be very helpful if you can include a telephone contact (preferably landline) number in your email response. Many thanks!

Items for kennel dogs

We are always hugely grateful to receive donations of collars, coats, leads, muzzles and harnesses, that we can use to keep our costs down in kennels. All our dogs are rehomed with a muzzle and sometimes our kennel leads get taken home too! It’s expensive to have to replace them and we would welcome donations. So if you have some spare collars and leads, or are from a company able to donate these items, then please contact us at

We would also love our dogs to have extra stimulation whilst in kennels waiting for their forever homes to come along. If you are an individual or company able to donate agility equipment, toys or other ways of enriching our dogs’ environment, we would be delighted! If you can help then please email us at

Seeking tomobola prizes

Forever Hounds Trust volunteers all over the country are busy organising fundraising events, and need donated items to use as prizes in our hugely successful tombolas.

We do need a large volume of prizes to keep things ticking over – for us to avoid spending any of our funds on buying the prizes, we’d be grateful for donations.

Toiletries, confectionery, stationery, bottles (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are always popular, as welll as other items. Please remember Forever Hounds Trust when you are shopping, and are tempted by those BoGoF deals! Or if you have unwanted presents at the back of the cupboard we can always make use of them. Of course you can always donate or post store vouchers to us which we can use to purchase tombola items, at no cost to us!

Please bring anything you have along to any events you are attending – they will be gratefully received.

Material needed

We are always on the look-out for:
– Fleecy material that we can make into dog beds
– Duvets and blankets to keep our dogs warm in kennels
– Red fleecy fabric and white fur trim to be made into super Santa outfits for our Christmas fundraising! These are always a winner and help us raise funds and awareness for Forever Hounds Trust.

Please email us at if you are able to donate any of these items.